The Problem

How to stay on top of all the information?

There is so much information and it's really overwhelming. We weren't designed to consume such large quantities of content yet we are expected to be able to handle it all... What's needed is a way organise and identify useful crumbs of information to build to a bigger goal, developing knowledge.

How to find good quality knowledge?

With so much noise and so many distractions its really easy to let ideas, thoughts and information drift away... So much time is wasted when learning and researching, what's needed is a way to quickly identify key insights and points of interest from any type of content.

Why is information so complex?

Whether you're preparing a presentation, learning about a new topic or trying to keep up-to-date with the latest news, processing information is manual and inefficient. Today's tools only make our workload and workspace more complicated... What's needed is a simple and minimal tool that works around your personal style.

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